Pacific Coast Highway + Yosemite

Britt and her new backpack :)

We arrived in San Fran! You can't tell from this picture but we were waiting for our uber

849 AVENUE DRIVE - Jetti Test Pilots - Truth be told..... it was a little unorganized when we got there, our van wasn't ready but the customer service was 5 star. As sketched out as I felt upon arrival, I stand by my referral when I say "highly" recommended.

"Quick pic, let me get that California sign in there...." Me

We left San Fran as soon as we touched down...I thought it was worth it...especially when there's views like these at every vista point.

Picture x Picture

Funniest story running into a buddy of mine...I guess I won't get into

Yosemite Fam 2017

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